The Marketplace Drop In Centre (formally the Drop In Centre) was set up in 1995 and is run by the formidably caring and practical Mark Hatch.

The Centre provides a warm welcome for anyone who comes through its doors. The staff work with the homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged of Totnes and the surrounding area by providing a listening ear and practical daily help. There is a kitchen where lunch is prepared by staff for those in need of a meal, and there is a shower and laundry service for the homeless.  Second-hand clothing is donation for the homeless with new underwear and socks provided.

The Marketplace Drop In acts as a contact point for its users and signposts them to local authorities, services and agencies that can help them to move on in their lives. These include, local authority Housing Officer and a Sanctuary Supported Living Support Worker.

During the winter the Marketplace Drop In operates a severe weather night shelter for the homeless. The staff at the Centre stay alongside its users as long as they need support navigating their way through the system and the changes they’re seeking to make in their lives.

In many other ways the Marketplace Drop In helps people in our local community, food parcels, second-hand furniture when someone is housed, homeless support grants.